Names and IQ

I for one have been impressed with Audacious Epigone’s list of occupations by IQ, and state by IQ (and disaggregated by ethnicity). I wonder if first names would have an average IQ. Obviously the research would be politically incorrect as beginning in the 1970s, blacks started naming there kids differently. It would be interesting to compare the average IQ of blacks with stereotypical ghetto names and those without. Of course Michael Brown had a fairly conventional name and he wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed.

Within the white community it would be interesting to compare names too. Jared Taylor of American Renaissance is a very intelligent man and his daughter’s name is Eleanor. Since intelligence is at least somewhat heritable, certain types of names that are outdated seem to indicate a higher IQ. Newer names tend to probably be lower IQ, especially the names that end with in or yn (Jaelyn, Devon, Jadin etc). This all reminds me of the scene in Ted where Wahlberg’s character starts rattling off names he thinks are white trash (all the links are at the bottom). Anyone know if there has ever been research on this?


Ted white trash name drop spree:

IQ of Occupations:

IQ by state:

Black IQ by state:

White IQ by state:


One thought on “Names and IQ

  1. Steven Pinker passed on to me a cartoon from about 2000 of the science section of a bookstore dominated by books by guys named Steve: Hawking, Gould, Pinker, etc.


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