has feminism become a prole ideology?

The term “prole” of course has become popularized by lionoftheblogosphere and heartiste. Prole is short for proletariat which means lower classes. So anyways, has feminism become geared toward proles more? When I was high school aged, I thought of feminism as an upper-class/swpl ideology. I saw a typical feminist as a woman in her late 20s/early 30s who had just finished her MBA or JD and was poised to make partner or become VP at some company. The old model of getting married out of high school and having children in rapid succession was outdated for these types of women, who, although they may want kids, wanted to wait ten or even fifteen years longer than there prole counterparts.

Fast forward now and I’ve seen signs pointing to feminism becoming increasingly prole – as evidenced in Obama’s life of Julia ad (which I can’t seem to find on youtube). The idea now is more about how a woman doesn’t need a man despite the fact that the government she wants to extract money from, is, in a way, a surrogate husband. This is also apparent in the rise of domestic violence as an issue, which is pretty much a prole issue (and I might add that in many of these prole households, both of them are often equally culpable) Lastly, I see this in the increasing calls for childcare and all-day kindergarten. I visualizeĀ A typical woman picketing in favor of this as an SEIU worker who probably doesn’t have a man in the house and sees it as “liberating”, despite the fact that she wants child support from her ex and daycare for her kid(dies).

So to sum up, I had envisioned feminism as, aside from the occasional equality law, ambivalent toward the government with the idea that they don’t need the government to become the first woman to do X. In many ways I could even see feminism as sort of a female equivalent of MGTOW with the goal being career first and men/children second. The personification of feminism has changed from someone like Ally McBeal to the aforementioned hypothetical woman in the above paragraph. In short, its mutated into an evil twin of the civil rights movement with the intent of rent seeking and being a magnet for perpetual victims and people with borderline personality disorder (BPD is the female equivalent of anti-social personality disorder). Anyone else notice this, or am I seeing something that never was?


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