should the united states start outsourcing people?

one of the things I’ve started to notice when looking at trends in this country is that many people have dropped out of the workforce because the marketable skills they do have are effectively automated or put overseas. Some people just don’t have the tenacity to get up at seven in the morning to get to work and what not and if they do have a job, its arguably some paper pusher job.

The question is, what if the United States had a population policy that treated its citizens like a workforce and anything not valuable was merely laid off or outsourced? So the people who, for reasons not necessarily of there fault, are unemployable, they will just be outsourced to other countries (Canada, Mexico, Caribbean) Doing this could fix a lot of issues in the united states and the idea would be to get the unemployment rate down to practically zero. Anyone think this idea would work?


One thought on “should the united states start outsourcing people?

  1. I think the question you have to answer is why should other countries let you export labour to them? The same issues may be present of depressing wages may occur, as would also the potential for them to bid up the prices of goods. Secondly the skills in shortage abroad could perhaps be skills also in demand at home, for instance check the Australian and Canadian points based systems. Another issue is that language is likely a real barrier, the Anglosphere would be the easiest but the old Commonwealth has similar issues.

    Fun fact the US is one of the only jurisdictions that taxes it citizens based on worldwide income regardless of where they reside meaning that US expatriates may be at a unique disadvantage to expatriates of other countries.


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