Joel Kotkin’s article – affordable family formation attracts NAMs too

To the small number of people who read my blog, sorry that it took so long for me to write another entry since I’ve been busy this week. Joel Kotkin wrote an article three weeks ago in RealClearPolitics about how blacks have tended to do better in the red states, or at least the sunbelt states (although he doesn’t count the quintessential sunbelt state of California as a sunbelt state). The article is here.

Kotkin is an interesting guy and someone who like me considers himself politically homeless (what you might call an old school democrat). I also know that Steve Sailer noticed the same things Kotkin is now noticing, four years ago.

In my “united states of generica” post, I noticed that blacks hang out with prole whites more than they are to white liberals (outside of what John Derbyshire calls the “mulatto mafia”). The question then is – what are the types of NAMs moving to the areas Kotkin mentions – are they middle class blacks (the black equivalent to prole whites) or are they underclass blacks? I might add that there is obviously a geographic mismatch in house prices where someone in Hempstead, NY (which I’ve heard is the ghetto of Long Island) could sell there house and buy a new one in some new subdivision on the outskirts of Atlanta or Houston. After all, in these type of areas, even proles, white and NAM alike, can afford to buy new homes.

I might add that when all is said is done, could vidicate the blue state model (quality over quantity) vis-a-vis the red state one (let’s make everything cheap!!). It’s ironic how Joel Kotkin, as I said above, didn’t mention California as a place attracting blacks. Isn’t California the penultimate sunbelt state? Maybe the fact that they are no longer attracting blacks is that if the Sunbelt model is a cancer, California is at stage IV. The LA area, in many ways, was sort of the original sunbelt metro (though it should be said the population density of the LA basin is like 7000 people which is pretty damn high). Compare Southern California to the NIMBY bay area, which still has a (in comparison to SoCal) a low NAM population.

One of the things that many liberals and alt-rightists can agree on is that the sunbelt model tends to reinforce a perverted kind of big gulp nationalism which is vastly inferior to the great arts and historic buildings of Europe or even the East Coast.


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