The ACORNization of unions

Sorry its been so long. I was on a family vacation for part of that time. Anyways the topic I want to discuss is unions and how they have become ACORNy.

My view on unions is mixed. I’m of the belief that unions can work fine in a high-trust society. But what the leftists don’t understand is that the peak era of unions that are romanticized by the Michael Moore and Robert Reich’s of the world was completely different. This was a time when men were the sole breadwinners (which feminists won’t support obviously). The time period I’m talking about is the period Charles Murray discusses in Coming Apart when labor participation was high among people of all classes and illegitimacy was low, even among the black population.

Fast forward 50-55 years later and it would be an understatement to say that times have changed. Even before NAFTA was even a pipe dream, many American industries had fallen on hard times. Places like Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo etc were bleeding population well before the 90s. Another factor is that we are now in a low-trust, deindustrialized society with broken families.

Lastly unions themselves are different. The image I have of a union member is a 6’4 250 steelworker in Youngstown, Ohio whose parents were hungarian immigrants. Now it seems that the typical union member is that of what Gregory Hood has called the parasite class. I remember in December 2011 reading about a group called “Good Jobs LA” which was a project of ACCE (Associations of Californians for Community Empowerment) which I think is related to the SEIU. What I saw was a bunch of people crowding into the offices of a republican congressman and using mob-like tactics. Another thing they did was called Occupy Our Homes which included having people were foreclosed on to move back into their homes and involved the tactic perfected in the then-recent Occupy Wall Street Movement called the “call and respond” tactic.

Also, unions used to be restrictionist while the SEIU is strongly in favor of “comprehensive immigration reform”. In general I find the SEIU to be more “community organizer” or ACORN like as opposed to the Sam Gompers and Jimmy Hoffa of old. The same thing is with teachers unions. Two generations ago, people would have been more likely to support teachers unions in the era of “tough-but-fair teachers” who would “crack the whip”. But in our gynocentric, overly medicated (especially on ritalin) society, teacher unions are less sympathetic. Many of those in teachers unions seem like they are grown up versions of the type of people you would find at slutwalks. Indeed, Peter Brimelow wrote in his 2003 “Worm in the Apple” book how The exhibitors and NEA political-interest group booths are “as colorful as the hucksters and jugglers at any medieval fair.” From the Gay and Lesbian Caucus, to the Women’s Caucus, and Black Caucus, to the free-Mumia-Abu-Jamal motions, the Assembly is a veritable “coven of cranks.”

Anyone agreee with this here? I originally was going to have this post be even longer, but I felt I had made my point.


3 thoughts on “The ACORNization of unions

  1. Haven’t private sector unions largely disappeared. You mention the teachers unions as having morphed into community activists and that’s largely true, though they do continue to successfully extract gold-plated compensation and benefits from property taxpayers for their members. Any discussion today must focus on the police & fire unions bankrupting cities and property taxpayers. In many jurisdictions, police & fire workers easily earn well over six figures, with gold-plated benefits, and can retire at or before age 50 w/ close to or greater than six-figure pensions. And every single police & fire labor agreement was negotiated by a government manager and approved by elected officials. In many locations, cities are paying $0.50 toward the police/fire pension plan for every $1 paid in wages.


  2. yes but police and firefighters have a positive image and are seen as more heroic. So even if the pension program may eventually bankrupt the city (didn’t that happen to Stockton?), people are willing to put up with it


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