beta vs alpha males

does anyone here think that that is too strict a term and some people are not members of either? Let me lay one typical person I’ve come across. It’s a white guy in his late 20s who probably doesn’t have more than a high school education and lives in an apartment with some buddies and works at a 7/11 or is a taxi driver and is somewhat better off than a fast food worker but still of modest means. He isn’t particularly alpha as he’s not super masculine (doesn’t care much for country music, doesn’t really go hunting, mocks the military). He’ll watch football here and there but he isn’t a diehard. These guys tend to make extra income by playing in a band with some buddies on the side or by selling weed. Depending on what part of the country he lives in, he probably likes to skateboard. At the same time, he probably scoffs at the stereotypical sweater wearing, half-bearded SWPL dude. So he’s not an alpha male or a beta-cuck; so what is he then? Maybe it’s time for a new androgenous term.


2 thoughts on “beta vs alpha males

  1. I think you underestimate how wide the beta spectrum is, but also where he works and not liking country music has nothing to do with his alpha-ness. What’s his social demeanor generally and around women specifically, that’s what you need to look at.


  2. I wrote this article back in September when I really didn’t have much of a knowledge of the other categories (sigma, omega etc).

    I guess I always assumed that the whole alpha-beta thing has to do more with masculinity and what type of interests you have.


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