Will “Criminal Justice Reform” actually benefit more whites?

Hey guys, its been a while. I think I’ll be posting blogs more regularly from now on.

I’ve been thinking about this for awhile. I’ve watched a lot of TV shows and documentaries about crime and I’ve found that the people who would benefit the most from reducing penalties for crimes and making it easier to parole – are white people.

I mean I’ve found that a lot of sympathetic defendants – people who get arrested for something years after the crime was committed and have “gone straight” in the time since or people who were manipulated into committing a crime – are almost all white. This could even be the case if the white person is convicted of a more serious crime than there NAM counterpart.

I mean who would you want released from prison – a 70 year old white man doing 25-to-life for having his business partner whacked, who, even if not particularly sorry for what he did, is a model prisoner and has no tattoos OR a 30-40 year old black man whose sentence is less severe than the white mans (10-15 for rape or something like that) but is a terrible inmate (fighting other inmates and guards) and is covered in tattoos etc? In my view I feel that most white guys who commit crimes are getting it out of there system and are probably not going to offend again while for a NAM, seems more “in character”. If I remember right, Ryan Faulk wrote something about this last fall.

Anyways, the left, in there wanting to “reform the criminal justice system” actually end up widening the parole disparity by race, then I’ll have a nice laugh. It’s sort of what Those Who Can See calls “Victimization Whack A Mole”.


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