Does “Separation of Powers” actually lead to more government?

I’ve been thinking this thought recently with how the U.S. government is organized. The U.S. government is fairly decentralized with a separation of powers from the judicial, executive and legislative branches – in addition to powers given to the states. I always thought that it sounded like a terrible idea and people like Jay Cost – ( who sucks the dick of the constitution and James Madison are suffering from what Ryan Faulk calls “flat eartherism”.

I haven’t fully explained how I feel but its sort of a gut reaction. My view is that all of this actually leads to more government because what happens is that it makes it harder for the government to do anything and that as a result – creates a sort of backlog of unresolved matters. I’m not sure what a good analogy to this is but imagine if the criminal justice system had to be solved by three separate juries. The cases would often have to be retried to the point where  the judicial system would be clogged up/bankrupted.

Speaking of Ryan Faulk, he once mentioned how if you combine two different systems, you get the worst of both worlds and I’m starting to think that’s what the compromise in the constitution has eventually led us to.


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