the married women vote and the assumptions of the 19th amendment

From listening to the F Roger Devlin’s of the world, you would think that women couldn’t vote until 1965 or so. But women have been voting since 1920. For the first fifty years of women’s suffrage – none of the things we hate about gender politics existed. There was no banalities about the “war on women” and men and women more or less voted the same way. Actually until about 1980, women were sometimes more republican than men.

Part of the thinking may have had to do with the assumptions at the time the 19th amendment was passed. At the time, this was merely the continuation of what people called “the family vote” – women voted just as there husbands did. The idea of single women as a vote was not something that was ever envisioned back then. I might add that criticizing single women per se is not necessarily a worthy target for the NRX community. It’s the single mothers who are the real societal threat.

At the same time though – should single fathers be denied the vote too? I mean the manosphere guys talk about single mothers, but aren’t single fathers usually equally culpable?


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