The American Ethno-Religion and its implications

I’ve seen videos before talking about how America has a sort of ethno religion with things like MLK, the holocaust, and all those other type of things. Normally, you would think that people who know about there society the most are the ones who should be voting but I’m not sure that’s the case in the United States. Someone who knows a lot about the United States has been fed the whole ethnoreligion type stuff and therefore votes emotionally. I myself am guilty of this type of stuff as I was a staunch democrat that voted that way because my view was “if the south votes republican, then the GOP is a priori bad and if the union states mostly vote democrat, then the democrats are a priori good”.

This is a case of knowing a lot about the history of the United States and that actually making you a less rational voter as a result. Even if this is ethnoreligious thinking in and of itself, as a kid, I never really was bothered by any part of British politics, little as I knew about it, because I had in my mind that British politics was a priori good because they all sounded so much more intelligent than Americans and our gas guzzling morons. The fact that there were groups like the BNP meant nothing to me.

But even if that was ethnoreligion in action, it also meant that I might make a better decision running Britain as a noncitizen member of parliament (let’s pretend for the sake of the argument that such a thing exists) because I don’t see myself as part of the culture and don’t have any emotional investments. So in a way, this is like being on a jury. You obviously don’t put families of the victims or families of the defendant on the jury because there’s an obvious conflict of interest. This is why I think the call for having “informed voters” is counter intuitive and that somewhat American citizens who have lived here there whole life may actually make a worse decision in voting than a group of Japanese businessman who don’t know a lot about the United States.



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