haven’t you heard its a battle of words

one of the things I’ve noticed from politics in the United States is how it often devolves into semantics. For instance, calling someone who opposes the right to abortion pro-life. That’s a clearly vague term and everyone could be considered pro-life in some way. Everybody values some type of life – even mass murderers oftentimes commit there crimes for some other life they do care about.

Another example is the environment. The left wing accuses the right of being anti-environment. But almost everyone values the environment or values it at some level. There’s no one who will merely throw trash in there front yard intentionally as a way of saying fuck you to the environment.

You could also argue the same thing about an additional penalty for shooting a police officer. I don’t believe there should be an additional penalty for such a crime for the same reason I don’t believe in hate crimes. And yet if there was some bill in the legislature for enhanced penalties for crimes against law enforcement, I would be pigeonholed as being anti-cop.

You see these things a lot

  • someone voting against VAWA accused of being “anti-women”
  • supporting voting for some gun control laws being accused of being “anti-gun” (though there are some real anti-gun people that exist)
  • someone opposed to affirmative action or disparate impact being called “anti-black”

Maybe this is what vox day means when he says “dialectic vs rhetoric”


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