using HBD to make liberal arguments

one of the things I felt when I got into hbd was that it was not a necessarily a conservative or liberal thing. It just means you have to take it into account when writing laws, no matter what your ideology is.

One of the arguments I’ve heard by tradcons is that women should start shitting out kids in there early 20s and keep doing that until they hit a half a dozen kids or what have you. This is opposed to the professional type women who works a job until they have a kid or two in there mid-to-late 30s but keeps working even after they have the kids.

A tradcon will say something like “you’re going to hurt the kid psychologically” or “every kid needs a mother in the house”. But if humans are as unmalleable as guys like jayman says – is there any real deleterious effects of having a kid being raised by there nanny?


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