why I somewhat understand blacks

I’m 26 and still live with my parents. I have a job, but at this point its not enough to live on my own yet. The idea of living in a pretty nice house that you had no part in buying and yet hating the rules of your parents and not wanting to move out into a way smaller apartment and also realizing you can’t at the moment live without them – are all thoughts I’ve had from time to time.

Obviously I have the same genes as my parents since I’m not adopted but I feel that this is the story of blacks in America writ large. In many ways we have mistreated them by forcing them to live by rules they didn’t write on there own and yet exposing them to all the benefits of western civilization – which makes the prospect of going back to Africa all that more unlikely. People don’t miss what they never had and bringing blacks over and exposing them to the benefits of western civilization and expecting it to end well sounds like a terrible idea.

This is also why I think adoption is a bad idea because what if the son or daughter you adopted is cognitively way below your family? What you end up with is a permanent money hole.


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